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Thread: JWPlayer6 working on flash, ios devices, but not HTML5...

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    Default JWPlayer6 working on flash, ios devices, but not HTML5...

    I am trying to get jw player working properly, and so far have it working where there is flash and on apple products like iPhones. However, I haven't got it working with HTML5. To test the HTML5, I uninstalled flash and tried to view it in IE9, but got stream not found. It is a live stream, with FMLE H264 and AAC, using wowza.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    autostart: false,
    sources: [
    { file: "rtmp://[myWowzaServer]/repeater/MayapurTV/MayapurTV"},
    { file: "http://[myWowzaServer]/repeater/MayapurTV/MayapurTV/playlist.m3u8"}

    rtmp: {
    bufferlength: 5
    width: "800",
    height: "450",
    primary: "flash"

    Any help in getting the HTML5 player working appreciated. My client's test site is at

    Thank you,

    Alan Costello
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    Please see our article on How to use JW Player with Wowza Streaming Engine.
    If the Wowza server is not configured to stream on port 80 you will have to specify the port number when using http protocol.

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    Also note, JW Player is using HTML5 to stream HLS to the desktop, but it is still a Flash application on the desktop so you cannot uninstall Flash. And you need JW Player Premium or Enterprise (Ad) license to stream to stream HLS to the desktop.


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