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Thread: Stream name groups not working with .stream transcoded source

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    Default Stream name groups not working with .stream transcoded source

    With two different installations of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.3, I've setup IP cameras via .stream files--both using rtsp:// addresses to reach the cameras. I also created a custom transrate.xml named after the .stream, such as "". The Transcoder AddOn is working just fine for the different rates and resolutions I've specified, and I can access each rendition with a direct URL reference, such as:


    However, if I attempt to use a stream name group such as the "_all" group, the manifest is not found. STDOUT from Wowza shows this:

    INFO stream create camera-full.stream_all -
    WARN server comment - HTTPStreamerCupertinoIndexPlaylist.indexFile[ipcam/_defins
    t_/ngrp:camera-full.stream_all]: MediaList is empty.

    This is occurring on both Linux and Windows builds of 4.0.3. Is there a known issue with stream name groups and .stream files running through the transcoder? Many thanks in advance for any suggestions…


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    Thanks to Andrew Kennedy for helping me offline with this one. It turns out that if the IP camera is not broadcasting in AAC (which most IP cams I've configured do not), then the audio rendition has to be disabled or set to AAC. That fixed the issue! Thanks Andrew.


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