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Thread: ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor file content changes

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    Default ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor file content changes


    Task: Change uri inside a stream file without any changing of stream file name.

    Changes are done from the code no manually!

    Assume we have file:

    It's content:
    { "uri": "rtsp://"}
    Assume we need just to change a uri of the file:

    { "uri": "rtsp://"}
    { "uri": "rtsp://"}
    But a name of the stream file should be

    Currently ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor doesn't see changes of the file.
    It just checks a file name.

    More over.
    If we delete/add a file with the same name from the code (Java/C/....)
    ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor also doesn't see changes!

    Any ideas appreciated.

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    I don't think the ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor was indented to work with the above scenario and given this requirement I believe your only option is to write some custom code to achieve this goal.
    The custom code would need to be able to detect changes, possible by checking the time the file was last modified.


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    Ok. Thanks

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