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Thread: Creating subfolders with streams files in content

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    Default Creating subfolders with streams files in content

    Hey everyone.

    I would like to know how can i create a subfolder in content directory and use to streaming. For example access with VLC the url:

    When i try create one subfolder in content with one file named that error is launched in Flash RTMP Player:
    'Failed to play /subfolder_name/; stream not found.'

    Details: Wowza version 4.0.3 in AMI with Linux.
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    Hi there, to access content in a sub folder you need to include the app instance. By default this is named "_definst_"

    So your URL would look something like this:

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    Thanks for reply Salvadore!

    So i tried it before and didn't work.
    Is necessary change something in config files?

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    As long as the sub folder is located inside the [install-dir]/content folder and your Application.xml file is configured to use the "content" directory <StorageDir>/content it should work.

    How are you starting the stream? StartupStreams.xml? Stream Manager? or through the UI with Server/Startup Streams? Are you sure you are starting the stream?


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    I should say, it worked in my test.
    It may be a connectivity issue, what do you see in the access logs after the publish event?


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    Hey Salvadore,

    I remade tests and worked. I started streams by UI with Wowza Streaming Engine. Thank you very much!
    But I have a question yet...
    If i have multiple folders in content how can i manage them? Is it possible to use Wowza Streaming Engine for subfolders?

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