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Thread: Audio / Video Sync Issues (Live RTMP Stream - Potential Encoder Config. Issue)

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    Default Audio / Video Sync Issues (Live RTMP Stream - Potential Encoder Config. Issue)

    There has been one issue in particular that has long baffled me: audio / video out-of-sync for live RTMP streams.

    While I have not been able to discover a resolution to this issue on my own using the forum, Google, and anything else I can imagine - I am sure that there must be others facing this issue. First and foremost, let me provide some rich details about the issue.

    Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Monthly Edition 4.0.1 build10615

    • We are using ViewCast Niagara 2200 Encoders
    • We are experiencing this issue accross all of our streams on ALL devices (iOS, Flash playback, etc.)
    • I do honestly believe the issue may lie in the configuration of the encoder, however, I have not been able to determine what exactly is causing the issue
    • In the error log, we often see: "Fragment duration great than suggested range of 1 - 4 seconds" for live streams
    • In the error log, we also often see: "Timecode out of order [video]"

    Our ViewCast encoder configuration is as follows (uniform settings for each of our streams - 6 in total):
    Video Settings
    Encoder Type: Flash
    Video Encoder: H264
    Frame Rate: 29.97fps
    Bitrate: 768kbps
    De-Interlace: MotionAdaptive
    Audio Settings
    Format: 48.000 KHz, 16 bit, Stereo
    Audio Type: Low Complexity
    Bitrate: 128kbps
    Audio Encoder: AAC

    Often, audio / video fall out of sync after a few hours of streaming. These streams are LIVE 24/7. We are also using Wowza Transcoder to transcode these streams. The transcoder settings are set to:
    Transcoder Option: "Match incoming stream name to template name"
    Fallback Template: Transrate (Default)

    I will attach Wowza Log files in a second post from our Wowza Server. I greatly appreciate the assistance of the community.

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    Our log files, conf files, transcoder files, and applications file are packaged in a Zip folder (7.55Mb) created for purposes of diagnosing with this community, and can be obtained here:

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    Please refer to ticket #92381

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    Hi, We are facing the same issue, can you tell us what is the ticket #92381 or Solution for this problem

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    Posting support staff response to this issue for other users:

    The "Timecode out of order [video]" error generally indicates an encoder issue. It also could be an issue when the machine CPU utilization or GPU utilization is maximized. It could be after time it stops being able to keep up in its delivery. So you should likely check your encoder. To help debug further, you might try the following and send back the logs generated:

    How to debug AAC or MP3 timecode issues with cupertino packetization


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