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Thread: MediaCaster Type constant declaration

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    Default MediaCaster Type constant declaration


    I can't find MediaCaster Type constants in Java API.

    For example:
    public interface IMediaCasterTypes {
             public static final String MEDIA_CASTER_TYPE_RTP = "rtp";
             public static final String MEDIA_CASTER_TYPE_SHOUTCAST = "shoutcast";

    Any ideas appreciated

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    If you check in IMediaCaster interface you should see similar types defined:
    public static final int	MEDIACASTERTYPE_LIVEREPEATER	1
    public static final int	MEDIACASTERTYPE_RTPLIVE	3
    public static final int	MEDIACASTERTYPE_SHOUTCAST	2

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    Corresponding with this example How to use the MediaCaster API

    We need a String variable as a second param.

    Start an IP camera stream with the stream name (file contains RTSP URL):
    appInstance.startMediaCasterStream("", "rtp");
    Start a SHOUTcast stream with the stream name (file contains SHOUTcast URL):
    appInstance.startMediaCasterStream("", "shoutcast");
    Start pull a stream from another Wowza or FMS server with the stream name (file contains full RTMP URL):
    appInstance.startMediaCasterStream("", "liverepeater");

    public boolean startMediaCasterStream(String streamName, String streamExt, String mediaCasterType)
    Start a media caster stream
    streamName - stream name
    streamExt - stream extension
    mediaCasterType - media caster stream type
    true if successful
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    I believe the only constants we have available in this regard are those referred to in my first reply.

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    Ok. Thanks

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