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Thread: HLS VOD Streaming

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    I'm running the Wowza 4.0.3 along with the latest version of JWPlayer. I've been trying to figure out the best way to stream a static video file to all available platforms and 3 different video qualities. From what I understand, using HLS with a standalone non-streaming playback option is best.

    My issue is that when using JWPlayer to link to an M3U8 file, it will not play. The m3u8 file reads like this:

    I get a Flash debug error, "No TS fragments found in Playlist." The people at JWPlayer have seen my HTML tag and say that it is correct. What might be the problem? The server logs do not indicate a problem like "file not found" or any other error message that I can see.


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    It looks like you are trying to implement adaptive bitrate streaming for VOD. Please take a look at the following forum article describing how to implement adaptive bitrate delivery:
    How to do adaptive bitrate streaming

    I hope this helps.


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