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Thread: iOS Device Failing to Start Mid Stream

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    Default iOS Device Failing to Start Mid Stream

    I am running that latest version of JWPlayer against the latest version of Wowza. I am having an issue where I am unable to join a stream after the stream has been started. I am using Wowza stream publisher with some canned content to simulate four live streams. Once Wowza Server is restarted the first player to attempt to view a stream starts all four streams broadcasting. If JWPlayer on an iOS device is the one to initiate the streaming the stream loads and plays fine. If the streams are started by another device and I try to join a live stream from an iOS device, I get an iOS dialog stating "Cannot Open" and the player displays the "Error loading media: File could not be played" error.

    If I do use a live stream through Wowza I can join in the stream on an iOS device with no errors.



    <stream name="Stream2"></stream>
    <stream name="Stream3"></stream>
    <stream name="Stream4"></stream>
    <stream name="Stream5"></stream>
    <stream name="Audio"></stream>

    <playlist name="pl2" playOnStream="Stream2" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-09-25 16:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:1.mp4" start="10" length="-1"/>

    <playlist name="pl6" playOnStream="Audio" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-09-25 16:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:A.mp4" start="10" length="-1"/>

    <playlist name="pl3" playOnStream="Stream3" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-09-25 16:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:2.mp4" start="10" length="-1"/>

    <playlist name="pl4" playOnStream="Stream4" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-09-25 16:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:3.mp4" start="10" length="-1"/>

    <playlist name="pl5" playOnStream="Stream5" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-09-25 16:00:00">
    <video src="mp4:4.mp4" start="10" length="-1"/>


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    jwplayer setup:

    sources: [
    {file: "rtmp://".concat($streamSource, "/live/Stream2")},
    {file: "http://".concat($streamSource, "/live/Stream2/playlist.m3u8")}
    rtmp: {
    bufferlength: 0
    width: $width,
    height: $height,
    mute: true,
    fallback: false,
    autostart: true

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    Doh! I used Adobe Media Encoder to encode the H.264 video and apparently there was some header data missing relating to fps and bit rate that was causing the issue. Once I find the secret sauce for AME I will post here.

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