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Thread: Easier configuration of loadbalancing environments with dynamic streaming

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    Default Easier configuration of loadbalancing environments with dynamic streaming

    Hello together,

    I try to give a feedback of my Streaming Engine evaluation experience.

    i spent so much hours in the last days with the configuration of a loadbalancing environment with simple and then with dynamic streaming. The initial loadbalancing configuration with the loadbalancing addon and the configuration of origin and edge servers was not a big problem, but sometimes not very comfortable (some changes in gui and others in config-files...). I would love to see this all in the gui, but i can imagine how complicated it is to get this all in a gui.

    But the big challenge was to find out how complicated it is with origin/edge configuration in a situation of dynamic (abr) streams for RTMP and Apple HLS clients. I searched all the threads in forums and finally i found the information what is necessary to do (locking of streams, etc.) in forum threads and help articles. But it does not work correctly for me.

    Finally I got a solution with the push/publish addon, which i found last night in the help documents. Now i have two (or more) servers with a simple origin instance. One of them gets the original stream for transcoding and distribution to clients and in the same time it pushes the three transcoded streams to the other simple origin instances on the other servers which also distributes the already transcoded streams to clients, all with the help of .smil-files. I still use the loadbalancing addon to route client connections over a php-website to the least loaded server and iam using jwplayer for playback.

    I like this configuration very much, because it is simple and it seems to work for me, even if it may not be the recommended configuration.

    Maybe it would be good if the product would be a little more self-explanatory. Sometimes it is difficult to collect the information all together.


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    Hello Andreas,

    Thank you for writing such a detailed feedback about your Wowza experience. I will forward your suggestions to our Product Management team to take it into consideration for future Wowza releases.

    Thanks again,

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    You are welcome.
    I hope you can understand it all, English is not my native language.


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