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Thread: API calling through php Script

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    Default API calling through php Script

    Hello Guys,

    I am php Developer and i tried so many ways to get this xml through php-curl process.but haven't found proper solution so could you please let me know how do i call API in php such as on-demand video, audio,and IP-Cemera API directly through PHP Script.

    I have also tried HTTP provider but unable to call wowza's API directly.

    Thank you
    "Have a nice day ahead"

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    Hi there,
    Can you reach your Wowza server in a remote browser at this address:


    You see Wowza version and build displayed in the browser. If not, and if Wowza is running, then you probably need to open TCP port 1935 on that server and/or map port 1935 to your Wowza server in your network, for example port-forwarding if a router. is a helpful resource.


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    Hello Salvadore,

    I have configured wowza with my local IP and i have found html like this :

    <title>Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Trial Edition (Expires: Nov 24, 2014) 4.0.3 build10989</title>
    <body>Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Trial Edition (Expires: Nov 24, 2014) 4.0.3 build10989</body>

    when i used with remote Server access. I am not bit familar i want to make an application through php webservices for getting all on demanad ,IP-cemera and traffic monitoring API's which is provided through wowza Server

    Could you please help me how can i make an application like that. so i can directly access all those api through remote url

    Thank You for Your Support
    "Have a nice day"

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    You can "make an application" on demand by creating the appropriate folders and configuration file in applications/ and conf/ respectively. If you are looking to automate that, you could create an HTTP Provider to complete these operations (create folders etc) and then query it via your PHP script (i.e. http://[your-wowza-ip]:8086/customprovider?app=[appname]&streamtype=[stream-type]). As this will involve some custom code, we can provide you a consultants list if you make that request to our email.

    If you are looking to obtain information regarding various streams, we have he built-in HTTP Providers that provide XML output of published streams and connections that you could parse the results.

    You'll notice the following urls for the providers:
    If you'd like to extend these providers (for additional information), you can by downloading and modifying the source.
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