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    Default HLS Push

    How to configure PushPublishMap.txt for push HLS stream ?

    In documentation i see example for akamai
    myStream={profile:"cupertino-akamai", streamName:"myStream1", cupertino.renditions:"audiovideo", akamai.streamId:215930, akamai.hostId:"wowzadevapple-i", akamai.eventName:"test", adaptiveGroups:"group2", debugLog:false

    I need push to my network

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    Currently only the Akamai (Apple HLS) network is supported for this.
    What HLS based network are you interested in pushing to?


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    Hello Daren
    Its our network
    I need to play HLS stream

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    The akamai example above pushes the HLS stream out to the akamai servers that are configured to receive the HLS format. We don't have any information available about how their servers are configured to be able to receive the stream.

    Have you looked at regular HLS streaming that should work on any network? Also, have you looked at HTTP Origin mode that uses regular HTTP proxies for delivering HLS. These are the normal methods that most customers use.


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    HTTP Origin, not available for my license we are on testing environment

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