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Thread: Issue with RTMPS

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    Default Issue with RTMPS


    We have few Wowza AMI instances and I recently learned that we are not eligible for the free StreamLock certificate. But I found the following article: that lists the steps for SSL certificate. We have a wild card certificate from GoDaddy (normal crt for our top level domain) and I tried to import them into our wowza instance (using keytool). but for some reason RTMPS or for that matter SSL streaming doesn't seem to work. The following are the steps I took

    sudo keytool -import -alias root -trustcacerts -file chain.crt -keypass keypass -keystore <keystore_name> -storepass <password>

    sudo keytool -import -alias wowza -trustcacerts -file wild-card.crt -keypass keypass -keystore <keystore_name> -storepass <password>

    Modified VHost through the admin panel

    The logs don't indicate any connection or any output when we try to play those videos.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    If anybody has the same issue, please follow the steps below to get RTMPS working with your own certificate.

    1. Convert your 3rd party certificate to java format as given here:
    2. Edit your VHost.xml file and include the following under <SSLConfig> tag:
    3. restart vhost/wowzaengine

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    I'm glad you got this working!
    Thanks for sharing the solution you have for this issue.


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