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Thread: Alert user if using the wrong codec on encoder

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    Default Alert user if using the wrong codec on encoder

    Is there a way to alert the end user programmatically if an incorrect codec is being used on the encoder? I use the real-time transcoder heavily and it doesn't take mp3 or vp6. Customers sometimes don't know enough to understand that the proper codec must be used on the encoder so I would like to make this fool proof so that the transcoder always works.

    I was thinking that if I know the stream name and the application name, I can make a call to Wowza via HTTP or some type of API that would return back the codecs being used for that particular stream. Then I could programmatically alert the end user through a separate web interface that the codec is wrong and to fix it.


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    First the Wowza Transcoder does support mp3 audio source, for PassThru or transcode to AAC.

    You can look at IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onCodecInfoVideo() and IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onCodecInfoAudio()

    But I am not sure how you will integrate this into a response for a user of a live encoder client, unless it is a Flash application. As for a connection from an RTMP live encoder like FMLE or Wirecast, you can refuse the connection, and send error messages, which the encoder will log most likely, but it won't be apparent to most users.


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    Thanks Richard. With this, I can integrate this into my app, which is web management UI that is also used by the user using an external encoder like FMLE or Wirecast. What I can do is notify the end user that the stream codecs are incorrect through this web management UI. I won't be able to prevent the user from streaming with the wrong codec to begin with, but I can at least notify the user to make changes if the codec is incorrect.

    I'll follow up if I need additional information. Thanks again!

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    Great, thanks for update. You might experiment with sendStreamOnStatusError() in those IMediaStreamActionNotify3 handlers.

    sendStreamOnStatusError(stream, "NetStream.Publish.BadName", "Unsupported Codec");
    FMLE will show this in the log panel after the stream starts, and will close the connection. However, FMLE and Wirecast will just keep re-connecting. There doesn't seem to be a way to tell them to stop trying.


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