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Thread: UDP Multicast input issues

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    Question UDP Multicast input issues

    have been through the help files and threads but cant seem to egt to the bottom of my issue. (am new to wowza so please be gentle)
    I need to connect a UDP multicast input into wowza to be transcoded/rated. (currently using demo version for testing and no other inputs connected)

    i added stream file:
    {uri : "udp://",streamTimeout : "5000",reconnectWaitTime : "3000",mpegtsVideoPID : "32",mpegtsProgramID : "0001",mpegtsAudioPID : "33"}

    i confirmed i can view this in VLC as well as TS analyzers so it is working.
    The above is a mpeg4 video and mpeg1 audio DVB encoder

    I also tried with a mpeg2 source and same results.

    before it gets to transcoder it does not look like its getting into the system correctly.
    am i doing something wrong? or did i miss something

    help will be greatly appreciated

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    What are you seeing in the access log? When you start the stream you should see an x-event "publish", then MediaCaster messages re connecting to that stream, then Transcoder startup.

    What stream name are you trying to playback, and what player are you using? If the .stream file is named, and you are using the default transocode.xml template, you will be producing transcoded renditions named upd.stream_160p and udp.stream_360p.


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