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    Default Where to start writing my own player

    I've written players (non-streaming) in flash but now I want to work with Wowza and write a player(s) that is compatible with IE, Chrome, iOS (opera/safari) and others.

    Does anyone have any pointers where to start? I thought I would just write a single HTML5 player but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

    Thanks for the help!

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    The /examples folder where Wowza is installed has a number of players (live and vod players using Flash RTMP/HDS and Silverlight) that include source code. If you are partial to Flex, here are several examples you can use as a starting place:


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    Ok I am re-visiting this. Those seem to be windows based solutions. I need one for iPhone/iPad. I would like to build a web based player that works on these devices (like the flash ones work on windows devices).


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    Embedded web based solutions are very limited. The only player you can embed in a browser on iOS is the native player
    on an HTML5 page, using the video tag.
    While this works reasonably well on the iPad, the iPhone and other similar sized iOS devices are a different story.
    When tapping on the embedded player, playback starts on those devices by launching the fully fledged native player,
    in full-screen.


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