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Thread: Error on DVR recording

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    Default Error on DVR recording

    Hi there ... I've nDVR working on 24 hours basis, with 24hours windows
    Once in a while, I get following error and I need to reset streams for recovering

    "VideoDuration=-33 is not positive. Skipping chunks."

    Is this due to loss of A/V alignment? Any way to force a reset of streams when this happens?

    Thanks in advance

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    What is the source, an RTMP encoder or MediaCaster stream? I think this error in nDVR indicates either A/V sync problem, or timecodes problem in the source stream. You can configure the tolerance for A/V sync with the dvrAllowableAVPacketDelta Property, the usage is explained in the advanced dvr article. Also look at the dvrPacketSortTime Property in that article.

    If it is timecode problems, you should see log messages for the live source.


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    It is a MediaCaster stream ... Third Party Encoder --> Third Party Wowza --> My Wowza 1 pulling and pushing out to Wowza2 --> Wowza2 Recording

    I will try these settings


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    Hi Richard ... a comment in case it has something to do. We have been doing this for 2 years and the problem started to happen once I migrated Wowza1 from 3.6.x to 4.0.3, while Wowza2 which is doing the recording is still a 3.6.x version
    Could that change in the chain cause any potential issue?


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