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Thread: Stream Security on CDN?

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    Default Stream Security on CDN?

    I have 6 Wowza servers and am debating whether I should add 5 more, or go with a CDN delivery. We stream VOD exclusively, 700 files in 4 qualities / with bitrate switching over RTMP. We utilize token authentication and SSL something (not sure, I didn't set it up). They are all edge servers pulling from an HTTP source and deliver 30-40TB of data/month. Current server costs are ~$2500/month which does well for 99.9% of our users, but we would like to do better and reach all of them, without sacrificing security. Looking at Amazon Cloudfront or Rackspace I could get HTTP CDN streaming for ~$3500/month so really a negligible change considering we are looking at adding more servers which would probably end up being more per month, but with the advantage of being a fixed cost.

    I really thought Akamai offered RTMP edge but they said they do not, but that they handle security with:
    Token Authentication: prevents link sharing, embed a token in the url and protect users passing links
    Player Verification: prevents users from taking links and embedding stream in an unauthorized player
    Media Encryption: encrypts the stream from the Akamai edge server to the browser, decrypts once the stream is played
    Content Targeting: white list/black list IPís (users from NA can watch, anyone outside of NA is not authorized)

    How does this compare with the RTMP security? Currently users cannot download our videos using any of the free rippers, but they used to when we did use HTTP, but we had not added those previously mentioned things. I don't mind managing my own servers, but I also don't need to recreate the wheel and make my own CDN if someone else is already doing it bigger / better and for near the same cost. I understand Wowza is partnering with Mirror-Image, but I haven't been able to get anyone on the phone from sales to find out if it is RTMP, or HTTP only.


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    Hi Alan,

    We received your email to the sales alias. Based on the extended details you've provided here, we're reviewing your questions & routing the email ticket to the proper member of our team.

    We'll reply via email.


    John West

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    Still no response from you guys, looking at switching to Brightcove or Akamai.

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    Hello Alan,

    Please expect an email from me directly to you regarding your inquiry.

    Angela Han

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    our company did 120TB for May 2014 and would like security option for Amazon Cloudfront. We exclusively livestreaming using only HLS protocol


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    Sure, you don't need to managing your own cdn servers, it sounds stupid. We are using for our UK live srteam projects and it works well. Situation is similar with you. CDN is good solution because your content will be delivered faster then just with servers, because you can't buy it in all parts of the world. It works well only for local projects.

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