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Thread: Atom size is invalid: 0 - only when we replace a file.

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    Default Atom size is invalid: 0 - only when we replace a file.


    We have an issue whenever we replace a file on our system. If we make a change to a file we replace the original so the link stays the same for the viewer. Each time we get the "QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: Atom size is invalid: 0" warning in the log and in the player it says it can't find the file. If we change the name of the file it plays perfectly. Any ideas?



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    Hi Scott,

    If you stop Wowza, replace/rename the file, and restart Wowza, does the file stream?

    Do you know if MediaCache is being used to retrieve the VOD asset from a web server (or other repository)?

    I'd like to see your logs covering more context on this issue. Can you post more log information?

    You may also open a new support ticket by sending an email to When responding, please include a copy of the following files as a .zip (or other archive):


    I look forward to hearing back from you.



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    thanks Tim,

    I replied in a support email.

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