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    Default Application restart API

    I'm using server side playlists, from time to time the stream has problem loading so the application needs a restart. I need to provide my client a client side so he can be able to reset the app when needed.
    Used the code from:
    But this causes the application to shutdown and when trying to play it it doesn't start.

    A workable restart is when I do restart to the app from the enginemanager, can you provide me a sample code that this Restart button is calling on the backend, this way I can create custom method that can be available to the client side.


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    You can utilize the vhost.shutdownApplication method as described here. This should shutdown all client connections to all child app instances. After shutdown, the application should be available for starting thereafter.
    vhost.shutdownApplication(applicationName, false);

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    Ok, configured development environment and tested this shutdown and now I have success starting the stream again. Will setup on production now.

    Thank you.

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    Great, glad it seems to be working for you. Thanks for the update.


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