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Thread: Media Cache. Spaces in filename.

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    Default Media Cache. Spaces in filename.

    I am having an issue using media cache when pulling file names with spaces. They work fine with vod applications. But when I use a vod-Edge application with a media cache soure, it will not recognize a file name with a space in it. The error in the log shows it is trying to read (ex: test%20test). With our windows servers, we aren't able to use the http source, so I am using the "Add File Source", with a unc path to the content (ex: \\server\content\mediafile.mp4). Media cache works fine with file names that have NO spaces, the problem is with the ones that HAVE spaces. Been stuck on this for over a week. Any help is appreciated.
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    Hello there,

    You may be able to utilize the StreamNameAlias AddOn to overcome this situation:
    How to get the StreamNameAlias AddOn

    I hope this comes in handy and helps you along.


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    Another option would be to use .play files, /content/

    These would be plain text files containing the name of a media file.
    Example, "" may contain "mp4:media[space]file[space]1.mp4" or "mp4:media file 1.mp4"

    Then you would use "" as the stream name.


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    These two methods are essentially the same. With StreamNameAlias AddOn you would use the file, or you would use a .play file in the /content folder. But you can only use one method or the other.


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    I tried the .play files, and it works fine with vod applications, but it doesn't work with the cache applications. It could be because of the prefix. On the streaming engine, when creating a cache source, it makes you put in a prefix. When I add the prefix into the file (mp4:wod/media file 1.mp4), the player says "Failed to play; stream not found". I also tried putting "wod/" inf for the stream and that didn't work either.

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    In your Media Cache configuration, there is a setting called urlEscapeStreamNameSpaces which will automatically replace spaces with %20. By default, this setting is enabled. You may need to set it to false (disabled) so that spaces are preserved.

    You can do this using the Manager if using Wowza Streaming Engine or directly in the MediaCache.xml file if using an earlier version.


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    Please refer to ticket #94174

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    I added the property but still not working. Someone on the forum said something about StreamNameAlias AddOn? Would that possibly work? If so, how do we add that?

    <Description>ma000xsvid08 cache</Description>

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