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Thread: NullPointerException on WowzaAuthenticationProvider

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    Unhappy NullPointerException on WowzaAuthenticationProvider

    Hi everyone,

    I downloaded wowza as a trial and installed it on one of my dedicated servers. The setup goes fine, I can walk through the initial setup but if I sign out and go to sign back in I cannot get authenticated. I verified the username and password in the admin.password file. Looking at the log I get the following error:

    WowzaAuthenticationProvider:Authentication:  : java.lang.NullPointerException|at com.wowza.wms.spring.WowzaAuthenticationProvider.authenticate(|at|at|at|at
    Looking through the forums I saw references to other null pointer errors but not one for authentication.

    I am running it as root. The permission appear to be ok as well.

    What else should I check for and any other advice of things to look for?

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I did not see an area for installation issues.


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    Hi Mike,
    I seem to remember this type of thing happening to me at one point. But I do not remember if a fresh install or a new license was required to get past it.

    Could you please first try a fresh install of the latest version, and if that doesn't work you may need to open a ticket. When opening a ticket please zip up your [install-dir]/conf and /logs folders and send them to Also please include a link to this thread as reference.

    Thanks and hope the fresh install fixes the issue.


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    Thanks Salvadore,

    I will re-install shortly and see what happens.

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