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Thread: Proper workflow with publishing security, and letting users livestream by themselves

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    Default Proper workflow with publishing security, and letting users livestream by themselves

    I have a wowza origin server setup for live streaming with 1 publishing username/password, and a separate server setup ( for a live streaming site frontend. After the user has logged into the frontend site I want to let them start live streaming by providing the URL of my origin server and some custom stream name (eg. However my concern is that I don't want to share my global publishing username/password setup with that user.

    How can I properly share this URL and let them publish their rtsp/rtmp stream and not give out my global pushing user/pass?
    Is there a way to generate new username/password via API so that everytime someone signs up on my frontend site they automatically get a custom publishing account? Would there be a limit to max # of accounts in this case in Wowza?


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    Please take a look at the "How to integrate Wowza user authentication with external authentication systems (ModuleRTMPAuthenticate)" forum article. Youmight find it useful when implementing the workflow you have described.


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    Hi Zoran,

    Thank you for the quick reply. I believe this model is for viewing security, but I am interested in publisher security. Also I need RTSP support.

    Lets say I have 3 users registered on my site:

    UserA, UserB, UserC.

    I want to let each of the 3 users publish their stream via FFMPEG. The stream names would be username + 5 digit number (which my randomly generated and stored in sql on my frontend server). So stream names can be something like:


    This way I have security on the streaming end (with the extra token on the end of the stream name). However I need help to secure the publish name. I want to make sure each user only has authority to publish to a specific stream name (ie. UserA can only publish to stream UserA11111, and UserA should not be able to publish to UserA22222. How can I best accomplish this?


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