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Thread: 2 layers cache directory of MediaCache

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    Default 2 layers cache directory of MediaCache

    I'm using Wowza Media Server 3.6.2 with Media Cache addon. I see this config in MediaCache.xml
    Can I specific directory for each Level of Media Cache?

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    Please can you rephrase the question and add more detail so we know exactly what you're wanting/trying to do.

    A description of these can be found in the WowzaServerMediaCache_UsersGuide.pdf:
    Number of folders created at the first level to store cached items.

    Number of folders created at the second level to store cached items.

    Number of items that can be stored in each level folder.
    For example if the level1 folder count is set to 16 and level2 folder count is set to 16 and file count is set to 1000 then 16x16x1000 or 256000 files can be stored in this cache store.

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    You also have a support ticket (#94244) open with our Support team. Please see my comments in your ticket.
    For reference, I will also post it here:
    If you want to change the storage location for your MediaCache store, you can do that by modifying the /Root/MediaCacheStore/MediaCacheStores/Path/ parameter from your [wowza-install-dir/conf/MediaCache.xml file.

    You can also add additional MediaCache store location that can be used when the first sore is full.

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