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Thread: Wowza EC2 instance recording and S3 bucket

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    Default Wowza EC2 instance recording and S3 bucket

    We want to use Wowza to record our streams which captures a webcam. In the past we've done so with another provider, but now we use an EC2 instance ( I've managed to see incoming streams using the manager, but how do I set it up in the manager so:

    1. It records .mp4 from the incoming rtmp stream (I believe I've set that up)
    2. The S3 gets the recorded file on completion (or direct)
    3. We can play the file over http from the S3 (progressive download, no stream)

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    Hi Dennis,

    As a prerequisite, you must mount an S3 bucket to the OS using a system like s3fs. More info here:

    Mounting an Amazon S3 bucket on your Amazon Machine Image

    The module, ModuleMediaWriterFileMover, will move completed files when a live stream recording is completed:

    How to move recordings from live streams (ModuleMediaWriterFileMover)

    To playback from S3, use the vods3 application that is included with our pre-built AMI's:

    How to use Amazon S3 with Wowza Media Server


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