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Thread: converting working FMLE URL to GoCoder.

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    Default converting working FMLE URL to GoCoder.

    I'm attempting to test out a streaming site that delivers HLS, and it works with Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) with the following configuration:

    FMS url:
    stream: myStreamName

    Is it possible to convert that into something that works with GoCoder? They don't provide a port number, I assume it uses 1935, but I don't know. I know when I've tested with a service that uses Wowza, and GoCoder, they had to provide me with a bunch of additional parameters that were not necessary when testing that same service with FMLE.

    Any suggestions on what to put in for Host, Port, Application, and Stream Name? I've tried a whole pile of different configurations and nothing so far. Do I need to put in the rtmp:// in GoCoder?

    - Joel

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    Hi Joel,

    GoCoder does not use RTMP, rather RTSP publishing.

    If you do need to send a stream to non-Wowza service, one option is to configure Wowza Streaming Engine to ingest the GoCoder stream and then to push an RTMP stream using the Push Publishing AddOn. More information is available here:

    How to push streams to CDNs and other services (Push Publishing)

    I hope you find this helpful.


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