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Thread: One dedicated server for audio and video streaming

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    Default One dedicated server for audio and video streaming

    Hi i would like a recommendation, what do u guys think about having one dedicated server for both services audio and video streaming right now i use whmsonic with cpanel for shoutcast and wowza for restream of audio and then just wowza for video streaming heres my server specs:

    16 GB ECC DDR3
    1 TB Enterprise Grade SATA II
    15 TB Transfer (1 Gbps Uplink)
    CentOS 64 Bit (Latest Stable - Standard)
    E3-1230 - V-1.0
    Intel Xeon E3-1230 (4x3.2GHz)

    i dont know if i need one server per service of just one for both im thinking in using mediacp (cast control) and remove whmsonic and manage everything on mediacp

    thank you.

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    it depends on how many applications you are running. if you run 1 its overkill, if you run 3000 you might have issues. give some more information. its hard to give an advise without details

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