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Thread: Old Wowza 3 Modules and Wowza 4

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    Default Old Wowza 3 Modules and Wowza 4

    We have been updating and installing new versions of Wowza for a few years now and I was thinking we may need to clean up our old modules a bit as we move into a new Wowza 4 install (we had previously copied over the modules as we created new Wowza 3 installs). Are any of these modules still active, or have they been replaced by core modules? Or, are there new versions of these that are needed for Wowza 4? Things do seem to be working with them in our initial tests, but if they are old or not used any longer I thought we would clean things up a bit.


    I did see this one below was seems to be outdated and we removed that one, is that correct?


    Thanks =),


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    Hi Mark,

    The collection has been updated, you should get the latest

    idledisconnect should still work, but should not be necessary

    LiveStreamRecord is built-in now, so you don't neet integrationrecord or livestreamrecord

    security and security-encryption are built-in now


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