Newbie to Wowza here, running trial version of Wowza 4.0.4

I have a flash client, that I have capturing my web camera, and I am successfully streaming to a live application I created in Wowza.

I've set it up to record automatically, and I double-checked the Application.xml for my app, which contains:


I can see the stream coming into the application on the wowza admin interface, and view it with the test player provided, but I still have to manually click "record" to get the files created.
I am hoping there is a way to automatically record that does not require a click-to-record scenario. Does that exist?

My actionscript code to connect looks like this:

private var activeConnection:NetConnection;
private var activeStream:NetStream;
activeConnection = new NetConnection();
activeStream = new NetStream(activeConnection);
activeStream.publish("myStreamName", "record"); //I've also tried the param "live" here

Thanks in advance...