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Thread: Streaming from PC webcam

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    Smile Streaming from PC webcam


    I am a beginner on work with Wowza, but the server is installed, adjusted, already I am able to broadcast video with ipad, iphone, through WireCast, and also to look through video on any device. Everything works perfectly.

    And now question.

    How i can transfer video from the PC webcam (Windows) to the server? (and to see reflected video in a window).
    (i make site with online-translation)

    I studied VideoChat example, it works, but it is a little not that it is necessary for me since there is no place to enter user login and the password from Stream Live. after all there is no authorization, and it is necessary to me. I tried to broadcast through Videochat the webcam on stream "live", but it is impossible since there is no access.

    Also I saw all examples attached to the server, but didn't find the solution of the problem.

    And very interest, which settings I can use at connection of the webcam to the Wowza server (video resolution, quality of audio, bitrate, etc.)

    Thanks in advance.
    Yours faithfully

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    The video chat example, you've seen is exactly that, an simple example.
    If you need a production ready solution you can either build your own, perhaps with the help
    of an Independent consultant, but there are also commercially available products.

    Take a look at this example of some commercially available products.


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    Default Many thanks for the answer.

    Many thanks for the answer.

    I studied all software products on this site.

    On a site solid-thinking I didn't find anything suitable.

    Whether tell, please, there are other sites?

    Or - on what keywords to me to look for the solution of my task?
    I will try to find independently.

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