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Thread: Restrict public access to subfolders in application content folder

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    Default Restrict public access to subfolders in application content folder


    Assume we an application Test.
    It points to some content folder.

    We use: All types of supported streaming

    We want:

    1. Clients can play ONLY .stream files located at root folder.
    2. Clients can't play .stream files located at sub folders of content folder.

    Any ideas appreciated

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    Hi there, I believe the StreamNameAlias AddOn will do the job for you here. You will want to use the for your set up:
    How to get the StreamNameAlias AddOn


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    Looking at your other posts on similar subjects, you should be able to do it using the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider interface and the method here to handle the .stream files correctly.

    It is much easier if you try to keep similar questions in the same thread instead of creating a new thread for every question.


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