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Thread: help with ip camera IPC-HFW4300S

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    Default help with ip camera IPC-HFW4300S

    i have an ip camera model IPC-HFW4300S i cant seem to get wowza to talk to it, i am noticing whenever i try to connect using vlc directly to the camera is ALWAYS asks for a user name and password. is there a place to put this into the wowza config files?
    when i star the connect using the streaming manager it says its connected but i cant get the stream out of wowza,

    also is there a way to make sure if the camera restarts that wowza will automatically reconnect to it?

    any help would be appreciated
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    You can specify the username and password for the camera as part of the URL that you place ith the Stream File:
    To ensure that the stream restarts when Wowza restarts, follow this guide
    on How to start streams at server startup.


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    thanks that worked BUT the stream seems to keep freezing its very jerky even on a 720 frame size. i have 300 MB fiber here so bandwidth isnt an issue , the load player runs fine, any advice on what to look for to fix this?

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    Thanks for the update


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