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Thread: encode multiple http stream and publish concurrently in wowza

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    Default encode multiple http stream and publish concurrently in wowza


    I am using Wowza 4.0.3 and wowza ide to develop custom server module for this. My use case is:
    The streams are coming from third party provider on user request at constant bitrate. We are using wowza to support hls, rmtp, etc.We will transrate and forward it to user. All stream requests are different and hence multiple simultaneous streams. My question is
    1. How to handle multiple streams on server side? do I need to create separate .sdp file? If so how to add it on the fly.
    2. encode simultaneously to adaptive bitrate with different bitrate settings
    3. how to create separate stream for every request so that different request can be forwarded to users?
    4. Our application is developed using spring, how can I integrate wowza with our app. in the sense to make the transcoding latency low.

    Any suggestions or code example - would really appreciate.


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    You might want to start here. There are several tutorials at the top about live streaming one involves an .sdp file generated by some encoders.


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