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Thread: Transcoder / Multiple Streams

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    Default Transcoder / Multiple Streams

    Dear wowza support team

    I am just trying out wowza trial edition...

    - I created multiple streams with VLC
    - for every input stream I created a stream file in wowza
    - I activated transcoder addon and set the fallback template to transcode

    when connecting streams, only one stream (the first I connect) is transcoded. is it possible to extend the trial version for more channels?

    secondly I experiece a background noise - some kind of scale - when connecting with a player (built in wowza player as well as e.g. vlc). what could be the cause of that?

    ah, just found:

    could it be due to trial edition?

    - do you recommend/support any specific hardward (grapic cards) for transcoding?

    - last but not least: if the input stream contains multiple streams with differen "program ids" does the transcoder only transcodes the first/one? so the only solution is to split the input streams?


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    The trial edition license is limited to transcoding a single stream (channel) at any one time.
    When using a trial license the transcoded streams (renditions) also have an audio and video watermark which can't be removed.

    The audio and video watermark is not present in the renditions created using a subscription or perpetual license.
    Please see the following article to see the supported graphics cards for transcoding
    Server specifications for NVIDIA NVENC and NVIDIA CUDA acceleration with Wowza Transcoder AddOn

    You can select the program Id in the .stream file you're using to get the stream to Wowza.
    How to specify per-stream settings in .stream files


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    Dear wowza team

    first of all - great thanks for your support! your support is great....

    I need to transcode and stream about 20 programs; the input are two channels that include all programs with different program ids.
    for license of transcode addon: as far as I understand I have to demux the 20 tv programs and have to pay for 20 channels as wowza does only transcode one program id within a channel (otherwise if wowza transcoding would transcode all program ids within a input channel I have to pay for two channels)

    is it correct that I have to pay the transcode addon for 20 channels?

    btw, plz note that the web based contact form does not work - I get a http error


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    Yes, that is correct, because the Transcoder only transcodes one audio and one video track.


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