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Thread: Genereal Question for Live HTTP Origin - mobile devices etc..

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    Lightbulb Genereal Question for Live HTTP Origin - mobile devices etc..

    Hello Dear Wowza Team,

    i have some understanding issues between a Live Origin application and Live HTTP Origin

    Currently i have my app runing as Live Origin and i can stream through rtmp://ip:1935/myApp
    (i do some database checks before allowing to stream e.g. streamkey..)

    but apple devices can not play rtmp through browser or player.

    i want to deliver the livestream to smartphones and i think Live HTTP Origin can do that right?.

    i have three questions:
    1: Which URL i have to use for start streaming? (Broadcater side)
    2: Do i have to write a new application for it?
    3: What is the difference between using Live HTTP Origin and activating APPLE HLS or MPEG-DASH under Playback Types in a LIVE Origin Application? Will it work also for Mobile Devices? What is the difference than ?

    thank you a lot for you help and your time

    best regards

    p.s sorry for my crappy english

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    Hi there,

    This information is from the article found here:
    How to configure a Wowza server as an HTTP caching origin

    Communication with the Wowza server HTTP caching origin is sessionless (session-based communication doesn't work). A single session is created internally for the requested protocol. This session is based on the stream name and it's used for every request for that name. This has the following ramifications:

    URL query parameters in player requests aren't supported. This includes the wowzaplaystart and wowzaplayduration parameters for VOD playback, the wowzadvrplayliststart and wowzadvrplaylistduration for nDVR playback, and any custom parameters. (This does NOT include the DVR query parameter that's required for DVR playback.) If query parameters are set, only the parameters that are set when the stream name is initially requested are used. Subsequent changes to these parameters, either from the same player or a different one, are ignored.

    Session-specific information (for example, connection counts) isn't relevant and, therefore, isn't available.
    Considering the above details, it sounds like there may be conflicts with the database checking process.

    I hope this helps.


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