Hello Dear Wowza Team,

i have some understanding issues between a Live Origin application and Live HTTP Origin

Currently i have my app runing as Live Origin and i can stream through rtmp://ip:1935/myApp
(i do some database checks before allowing to stream e.g. streamkey..)

but apple devices can not play rtmp through browser or player.

i want to deliver the livestream to smartphones and i think Live HTTP Origin can do that right?.

i have three questions:
1: Which URL i have to use for start streaming? (Broadcater side)
2: Do i have to write a new application for it?
3: What is the difference between using Live HTTP Origin and activating APPLE HLS or MPEG-DASH under Playback Types in a LIVE Origin Application? Will it work also for Mobile Devices? What is the difference than ?

thank you a lot for you help and your time

best regards

p.s sorry for my crappy english