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    Question stream live 24/7

    how to stream movies or (mp3,wma,flv) videos 24/ trying to create a channel that shows 24 hours movies non i want to create a playlist.when a video finish,it should play another can i stream movies ??

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    A good place to start for simple scheduling is to look at using the Stream Publisher Module. This allows you to schedule streams and playlists using SMIL files. In fact the article description probably describes it better than I could:

    The Stream Publisher Module:
    "...lets you schedule streams and playlists. Using television as an analogy: a stream is a channel and a playlist is a program with one or more video segments. A schedule can have as many streams (channels) as you want, with as many playlists (programs) as you want, where each playlist can be scheduled to play on a stream at a certain time. If a playlist is scheduled to start on a stream while another playlist is running, the existing playlist will be replaced with the new one. If you set a schedule to begin in the past, the playlist will play immediately".

    There are a number of examples outlined in the article for scheduling live as well as video file streams.

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