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Thread: VOD directory as http server

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    Default VOD directory as http server


    i have some VOD directory with mp4 file recorded using Wowza recording module,
    besides using it as rtmp, one my customer want use this directory as http server for html 5 .

    my question : is possible configure one VOD directory as http server using Wowza, without additional http server sw ?



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    Hi there Steve,

    It sounds like you are talking about progressive download?
    At present, Wowza does not support progressive download, you would need a web server for this.

    Also, recordings created by Wowza contain an moov-atom at the end of the file, this requires the file having to download before it plays for progressive download.

    One forum user pointed to this article for how to swap the position of the moov-atom as a fix:

    I hope this helps.


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    hi Salvadore,

    I need play mp4 file with html5 native player on html5 browser, so I need simply web server ..
    now my customer copy the file from wowza to web server for both use (rtmp and http) , so for this reason I'm looking if wowza is able to make web server also in the vod directory...


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    Steve, Wowza does not support this.

    You will have to use Apache, IIS or another web server for that.


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    ok thanks,


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