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Thread: Wowza default onCuePoint handler

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    Default Wowza default onCuePoint handler

    I can't seem to find any documentation on the baked in handler for onCuePoint that Wowza provides. Currently, to inject a cuePoint into my net stream from my flash client, I call ns.send("onCuePoint", <JSON metadata string>), where ns is the net stream object. This yields cue points being inserted into my flv file, but I don't know at what point this actually happens on the Wowza server (I tried looking through some of the jars for the definition of the handler, but I don't see any). Presumably there is some onCuePoint handler defined somewhere in the Wowza instance tarts actually magically taking care of the injection and making it all work.

    I ask because Im trying to change the cuePoint from an event type to a navigation type (to force a keyframe).


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    When you use NetStream.send() in a Flash RTMP publishing client the cuepoint is injected into the NeStream client-side. Wowza does not do anything at all, the stream is received with the cuepoint.

    You can do inject the cuepoint server-side following this guide

    The advantage of doing this server-side is that you can use IMediaStream.sendDirect() instead of IMediaStream.send (which is server-side equivalent of NetStream.send(). The IMediaStream.sendDirect() method allows the data to be recorded if you are also recording the live stream.

    The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to insert cuepoints as precisely because of network factors. Setting NetStream.bufferLength to "0" is important in any Flash UI that is viewing a live stream and sending cuepoints to the server to inject in that live stream.


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