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Thread: Load balancing on Android and iOS

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    Default Load balancing on Android and iOS


    I use Flowplayer (with redirect 302) for RTMP live streaming and iOS, so want setup a load balancing configuration from two server,
    in my player script I use Flowplayer for Web (able to make load balancing with Wowza) and iOS, and RTSP for Android (directly RTSP link)
    so, how to make load balancing for mobile devices (rtsp,hls) ?



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    If using the Wowza Load Balancer then you could look at using the following method to find the Wowza server with the least load:

    This will return a string in the format:

    There is example ActionScript code in the "client" folder of the Load Balancer package that demonstrates how to request and parse this response. This can be used as a basis for more elaborate client side load balancing capabilities.


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    hi Paul,

    ok understand,


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