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Thread: When will Wowza support origin load balancer?

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    Default When will Wowza support origin load balancer?

    So Wowza has great features and performance. But when will it natively support multiple origins? When an edge can live repeat from several origins at the same time? I can't find any module in here that will support this features. I hope next year, or maybe sooner, Wowza can natively support multiple origins.

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    Please can you clarify what you're requesting in more detail as I'm not sure what you're requesting.

    Wowza has the "Primary Origin URL" and "Secondary Origin URL" meaning if the Primary origin is not responsive the edge will try the Secondary origin automatically.
    As the edges are configured on a per application basis, you can have multiple applications which have completely different origins. One edge can re-stream from multiple origins at the same time.

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