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Thread: red5-screenshare + audio?

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    Default red5-screenshare + audio?

    I'm new to wowza, and now using red5-screenshare to broadcasting my desktop by wowza. However, the rtmp stream of red5-screenshare doesn't include audio.

    I have tried to send an audio stream separately to wowza server (by Flash Media Live Encoder) and the publish web page get the 2 stream at the same time. User could get the screen stream and the audio stream, but when I set auto-record the incoming stream, the screen stream and audio stream were also recorded separately

    Does anyone know how to add audio to the red5-screenshare rtmp stream? Thanks a lot!

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    Please see the below Module which will allow you to add audio from a video on demand file to a live video only source. To add a live audio track to a live video only source will require modifying the below Module.
    How to add an audio track to a video-only stream (ModuleAddAudioTrack)

    You could restream the recording of the screen share (video only stream) as a live stream using the ServerListenerStreamPublisher and then add the recording of the audio to this live stream using the ModuleAddAudioTrack and record the generated audio and video stream to get a the audio and video together in the same file.
    How to do scheduled streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine (ServerListenerStreamPublisher)


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