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Thread: StreamRecord FileFormat defaults to FLV instead MP4

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    Question StreamRecord FileFormat defaults to FLV instead MP4

    We're making our first attempts to use the StreamRecord options within Wowza Streaming Engine. The live application StreamRecorderDefaults is set to record MP4. The server properly records an MP4 file when manually Start/Stop the recording.

    However, an FLV file is recorded instead of MP4 when automatically recording all incoming streams. (Not using the manual Start/Stop process).

    Where else might we have to change a default selection from FLV to MP4?
    Do we need to add a "mp4:" prefix anywhere?

    - Thanks

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    In Wowza 4 the default prefix is mp4: So it should work that way without adding mp4: prefix. Did you add flv: prefix in the stream name in the encoder?. Or have changed the Server.xml /Streams /DefaultStreamPrefix to "flv".

    Try adding mp4: prefix to the stream name in the encoder.



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    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the quick reply. My server tech and I will look into the Server.xml file. I do recall setting or changing a default when we upgraded from v3 to v4.
    I'll follow-up with results.

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    Yes, our DefaultStreamPrefix for the server is set at FLV. We had issues changing that to MP4 at the time of upgrading to v4.0 which affected videos for certain clients. Therefore, we cannot make that global change just to fix the recording situation.

    The good news is adding "mp4:myStream" DID work!

    I was also able to trigger the recording using the URL querystring method. Encountered a "recorder error" message which I can't resolve; perhaps my optional parameters are incorrect.

    However, the provided in-browser interface was successful for setting the MP4 extension, recording directory and file name. We're good to go for the short-term.

    Thank you

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    Great! Thanks for the update.


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