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Thread: [Tandberg/Wowza4] Problem with RTSP announcement

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    Default [Tandberg/Wowza4] Problem with RTSP announcement


    I have a problem with publishing tandberg to my wowza server. When I save the Media Server configuration I've got the message
    Live unicast streaming will not be available with this Media server configuration. RTSP announce failed to server
    I have fallowed the article to set up.

    the live Application.xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Root version="1">
                    <Description>Default application for live streaming created when Wowza Streaming Engine is installed. Use this application with its default configuration or modify the configuration as needed. You can also copy it to create another live application.</Description>
                    <!-- Uncomment to set application level timeout values
                            StorageDir path variables
                            ${com.wowza.wms.AppHome} - Application home directory
                            ${com.wowza.wms.ConfigHome} - Configuration home directory
                            ${com.wowza.wms.context.VHost} - Virtual host name
                            ${com.wowza.wms.context.VHostConfigHome} - Virtual host config directory
                            ${com.wowza.wms.context.Application} - Application name
                            ${com.wowza.wms.context.ApplicationInstance} - Application instance name
                            <!-- LiveStreamPacketizers (separate with commas): cupertinostreamingpacketizer, smoothstreamingpacketizer, sanjosestreamingpacketizer, mpegdashstreamingpacketizer, cupertinostreamingrepeater, smoothstreamingrepeater, sanjosestreamingrepeater, mpegdashstreamingrepeater -->
                            <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/Streams.xml for any streams types loaded by this application -->
                            <!-- To turn on transcoder set to: transcoder -->
                            <!-- [templatename].xml or ${SourceStreamName}.xml -->
                            <!-- As a single server or as an origin, use dvrstreamingpacketizer in LiveStreamPacketizers above -->
                            <!-- Or, in an origin-edge configuration, edges use dvrstreamingrepeater in LiveStreamPacketizers above -->
                            <!-- As an origin, also add dvrchunkstreaming to HTTPStreamers below -->
                            <!-- If this is a dvrstreamingrepeater, define Application/Repeater/OriginURL to point back to the origin -->
                            <!-- To turn on DVR recording set Recorders to dvrrecorder.  This works with dvrstreamingpacketizer  -->
                            <!-- As a single server or as an origin, set the Store to dvrfilestorage-->
                            <!-- edges should have this empty -->
                            <!--  Window Duration is length of live DVR window in seconds.  0 means the window is never trimmed. -->
                            <!-- Storage Directory is top level location where dvr is stored.  e.g. c:/temp/dvr -->
                            <!-- valid ArchiveStrategy values are append, version, delete -->
                            <!-- Properties for DVR -->
                            <!-- VOD caption providers (separate with commas): vodcaptionprovidermp4_3gpp, vodcaptionproviderttml, vodcaptionproviderwebvtt,  vodcaptionprovidersrt, vodcaptionproviderscc -->
                            <!-- Properties for TimedText -->
                    <!-- HTTPStreamers (separate with commas): cupertinostreaming, smoothstreaming, sanjosestreaming, mpegdashstreaming, dvrchunkstreaming -->
                            <!-- RTP/Authentication/[type]Methods defined in Authentication.xml. Default setup includes; none, basic, digest -->
                            <!-- RTP/AVSyncMethod. Valid values are: senderreport, systemclock, rtptimecode -->
                            <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/RTP.xml for any depacketizers loaded by this application -->
                                            <!-- udp, interleave -->
                            <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/MediaCasters.xml for any MediaCasters loaded by this applications -->
                            <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/MediaReaders.xml for any MediaReaders loaded by this applications -->
                            <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/MediaWriter.xml for any MediaWriter loaded by this applications -->
                            <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/LiveStreamPacketizers.xml for any LiveStreamPacketizers loaded by this applications -->
                            <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/HTTPStreamers.xml for any HTTPStreamer loaded by this applications -->
                            <!-- Properties defined are used by the Manager -->
                                    <Description>Client Logging</Description>
                                    <Description>Core Security Module for Applications</Description>
                    <!-- Properties defined here will be added to the IApplication.getProperties() and IApplicationInstance.getProperties() collections -->
    When tandberg is trying to validate settings It seems it reaches the wms but no streams are available. These are the lines in accses log when tanberg is checking settings:
    2014-07-09	08:10:32	CEST	app-start	application	INFO	200	_definst_	_defapp_/_definst_	-	-	-	1116778.196	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	--	-	-	-	-	-
    2014-07-09	08:11:32	CEST	app-stop	application	INFO	200	_definst_	_defapp_/_definst_	-	-	-	1116838.645	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	--	-	-	-	-	-
    All ports are also open. Password is correctly set in conf/publisher.password. Any hints what could be wrong?

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    The instructions you're following now outdated. I see they tell you to create [Wowza-Install]/applications/_defapp_/ but not [Wowza-Install]/conf/_defapp_/, this means the application will use the [Wowza-Install]/conf/Application.xml file which is configured to block published streams using RTSP. If you're using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, you can create a live application called _defapp_ which will create both locations and add the Application.xml file to the conf/_defapp_ / directory. the default for a live application is to require a username/password. I recommend testing with this as "Open (no authentication required)" to see if you have the correct username/password combination.

    To edit publishing authentication please see the article below for assistance.
    How to configure security using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager


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