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Thread: server retrieve application list remotely

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    Default server retrieve application list remotely


    Could you outline the steps needed to quickly deploy additional servers to a wowza streaming pool?

    The fact that live edge servers "pull" streams is great because each extra server server that comes online can start repeating without any interruption to the primary source, but if I had an edge server at, say Amazon - and knew an additional large volume of viewers were about to 'tune in' to a stream that I host- could I deploy N x more servers and literally copy the appropriate config files into the right places to achieve identical edge servers that automatically pull video and are ready to repeat?

    After reading that could you suggest a more efficient way to rapidly scale?

    The setup I am designing consists of;


    1 x origin 'incoming' server which handles all incoming feeds, encodes, transcodes
    5 x primary edge repeaters which are 'always on'

    Then using AWS or Google cloud a way to additionally add many more repeaters as needed to handle load efficiently.

    Further, a sophisticated method could involve deploying server images which need no manual handling and will query a server at our Colo and download the latest application list and begin repeating all the active streams automatically

    Thanks so much for your time
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    You can try setting up the Wowza Central Configuration addon which allows your Wowza streaming platform to have all configuration files served from a central location.
    Please take a look at the "How to get Central Configuration AddOn (simplify multiple server deployments)" for instructions on how to request this addon.


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