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Thread: Redirect client to a specific edge server based on Geographic location or IP

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    Default Redirect client to a specific edge server based on Geographic location or IP

    Hi Guys,

    Does wowza have a ready made solution that can redirect client to the closest edge server? We are currently implementing edge servers on multiple CDN location and we would like to be able to determine the clients location and automatically redirect them to the appropriate edge server. We are having a look at the Dynamic Load Balancing Add-on but it seems like it's logic is to send client to the least loaded server without regards to client's location. Another one is the GeoIP Blocking add-on but it only blocks client and not redirect them.

    We are also investigating the possibility to implement our own module to do this in case this solution is not available. Can you, guys, guide us on which API should we use and in which function of the module interface should we intercept the client's request and how do we redirect them to another edge server? I imagine this would work similar to apache's redirect function.

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    Wowza does not currently have a load balancer which takes into account the geographic location of the client for redirecting to the closest edge.
    This is possible and was done by a user who posted in their solution in our Showcase section however I don't think they are still providing it.

    To write your own geographic load balancer you will need to contact a consultant for assistance.
    You can post in our Find a consultant forum for assistance or request our independent consultants list be sending your request to


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    If you are looking to develop this on your own you could take a look at our geographic locking module and download the load balancer source. You could potentially use this as a starting point.

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    or you can use nginx with geo module to redirect ( http ) to wowza geo server

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