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Thread: How are you guys aligning your transcripts?

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    Default How are you guys aligning your transcripts?

    I have about 200 hours of video in 750 files that I have transcripts for, but I need to align them. I have spent pretty much the entire week trying out software after software.
    There are quite a few open source projects to get it done, I am just having trouble putting them all together. Many of them tend to use a combination of SoX, HTK, and CMU Sphinx.

    Kaldi (
    Voxforge (

    I have looked at half a dozen commercial software solutions, most all of them are manual where they setup a 5 second loop where you can type out the 5 seconds and it keeps looping till you tell it to go to the next loop. CaptionMaker by Telestream is by far the best, but the basic $1,100 version can't batch them, you have to buy the $11,000 version for that.

    The other option is hiring a company to do it for me, but that is over $1/minute for a total of almost $15,000!

    We have a constantly changing video library and could really use a solution that would allow us to do it in-house and wonder what other people are using. I don't need a ton of options, I just need to be able to spit out something like this:
    00:00:01:01 00:00:06:29 Sweet so start by talking about carbohydrates if you
    00:00:09:27 00:00:13:13 look at the word Carbo hydrate, why did they name
    00:00:13:15 00:00:14:13 them carbohydrates?
    Of course, I don't really care what format it is in, I will manipulate the data once I get it, the big thing is just getting it.

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    Hello there, and I apologize for the delay on a response to this post.

    It might help to better guide you if we knew the transcript format and what type of captions you need.
    Also, do you want these built into the stream or are you just interested in building these caption files?

    One other option you might consider is seeking guidance and assistance from a Wowza endorsed consultant. You can post a request in the find a consultant forum if you choose to explore this option.

    Again, sorry for the delay, and for not really having any substantial help to offer at this time.


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