I was hoping you could help me out with an issue I've run in to...

Basically I have the following setup on my Wowza server: - A pre-roll running until a live source is connected.

Everything is fine with that, however, what I want to achieve is to schedule a playlist to run at a specific time.

So, if the live source is not airing, or the scheduled playlist/program is not airing, the pre-roll would run as a placeholder until either the live source or playlist are active again.

So the priority for the sources would be as follows (high to low):
1. Livestream
2. Scheduled shows
3. Pre-roll

The problem I'm having is that due to the pre-roll being set in the past, it's actually not possible to schedule items to air on the stream. So when the scheduled shows should be playing, the pre-roll is still running.

It appears that internal sources are not affecting the pre-roll as when a live source is connected there is no problem.

I was hoping you could help me figure out where I'm going wrong and what setting(s) could be the (possible) cause(s) to my troubles.

In short, I want a 24/7 pre-roll where a scheduled playlist or show takes priority over that, but a live source takes top priority over all.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Kind regards,