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Thread: WSEManager , new panel for Wowza Streaming Engine

  1. Default WSEManager , New Control Panel for Wowza Streaming Engine

    Control Panel for Wowza
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    System has WHMCS module.

    New Features in production:

    Record while broadcasting live;
    Stream MultBitratre;
    Youtube Videos for Streaming VOD.

    End User Features:

    Choose between using HTML5 and FLASH player;
    Start, Stop and Reset, multiple applications simultaneously or individually;
    Change personal details and password to access the system;
    Converting videos;
    Information about video quality, type of codec and possible irregularities;
    Statistics with information access;
    Application [Live]:
    Broadcast live uncomplicated, data connection directly on the panel;
    Application [TV Station]:
    Submitting videos to VOD-Playlist view;
    Compatible with MP4 and FLV video players;
    Correction and Conversion Videos;
    Automated tuning of file names;
    Mobile Links;
    Broadcast live and recorded, without disconnecting spectators. You connect live whenever you want, when you leave your recorded programming continues. Playlists with scheduled time, by day and time;
    Application [OnDemand]:
    Submitting videos to view VOD;
    Management of names, links and compatibility Mobile;
    Compatible with MP4 and FLV video players;
    Correction and Conversion Videos;
    Automated tuning of file names;
    Mobile Links;

    User's Home:

    Player Generator: Title, images and Embed Codes;
    Compatibility with mobile devices (Android, iOS and BlackBerry);
    Real-time access and disk space (TVStation and On-demand).
    Start, stop and restart, directly from the home;
    Player for real what is being transmitted or scheduled time;
    View videos uploaded to the server (TV Station and On-demand);
    Create and schedule playlists for your videos, determining its date and time (TV Station);
    Create playlists on demand, and can select the video to be watched (on-demand);
    Various application information;
    Data for your Encoder (Live Streaming and TV Station);
    FTP data (TV Station and On-demand);

    Features Dealer:

    Real-time information about access, disk space and overall management of their clients;
    Ability to log in with a user without the need to log out or learn passwords. With just a click exchange and return panel;
    Information about running applications, active users and available resources;
    Amendment of application names, passwords, limits and any other information directly on the panel;
    Autotune of applications without the need to recreate the account;
    Statistics with information requests individually and / or all applications in operation;
    Start, restart, stop and exlcuir, multiple applications or individually;
    Customizing the player to be used for each client;
    Compatibility with mobile devices (Android, iOS and BlackBerry);
    Create and customize the name for each application;
    * And other functions already mentioned in the Home User.
    - Create reseller plans for their applications, giving agility to create new accounts;
    - Edit and delete existing plans;

    Resource Management:

    The Admin has full access to all functions at all levels, can simulate access resellers and end-users without leaving the panel to login as these.
    Besides all the information mentioned above, includes:
    The total available disk space;
    Total users accessing the server;
    TX Upload and Download Server;
    Stop and restart the Wowza Server;
    Complete Statistics by hour, day, month or period;
    Number of Users and Applications in Land Use;
    Wowza Server logs;
    System Settings:
    Information about your Company;
    Configure WSE License;
    Set Language;
    Wowza Server settings;
    Selection of settings and FTP;
    Selection Plugins, enable or disable features like convert videos;

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    New Updates:

    Record Stream;
    Video Editor;
    Youtube Videos;
    And More...


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    New version of the panel, includes hundreds of new features. Check Out.

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