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Thread: How to test my Wowza Streaming Server?

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    Default How to test my Wowza Streaming Server?

    Hi to everyone.

    I'm very new in Streaming area. I've installed Wowza Media Streaming Server on Windows. I want to stream camera output of my Android to Wowza. But before this I want to check whether my server configuration is Ok or not.

    Is there any way to test my Wowza server with live video streams using any third party tool???


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    You could try using a third party tool, such as ffmpeg or vlc. Both can send live streams to Wowza.

    The following links show how to do this with each of those third party tools.
    They actually use the sample.mp4 file and send that in as a live like stream.

    Here's the FFMPEG link.

    Here's the VLC link.


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    Thank you very much.

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