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Thread: Information Before buying

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    Default Information Before buying

    I sent in a email but it was never replied to so i thought id put my questions here so here is what my email said:
    Im interested in buying the media engine 4. I have some questions first though if thats ok, I am interested in buying the monthly edition but im a bit confused about it so i hope you can help.
    So if i purchase this now it says about: first i pay for the first wowza media engine 4 instance and then "pay for additional server instances or AddOn usage at the end of each billing period?"
    What does that mean, Basically if i buy 1 instance is that like 1 license? if so what then as it says "Convenient, pay-as-you-go monthly billing" What does that mean exactly, Im looking to pay the $55 per month and what does that get me exactly are there anymore hidden costs like the more people view my streams the more i get billed as i don't want that, i basically want to pay the $55 per month get the license and get on with it if possible?

    So if you could answer all my questions id appreciate it

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    Good morning,

    An instance is a running Wowza instance. For example, you can use the same license on multiple machines, but that would be multiple instances.
    You do not get charged based on viewers, and there are no hidden costs.
    However, there are "premium AddOns" which are not included in your license purchase. Here is a list of these AddOns

    These AddOns are ready to go without any further steps to take(other then configuring them for you application) with your purchase, but if you do not use them, you will not be charged extra.

    And here is the pricing structure for these AddOns

    I hope this helps to answer your questions. I am sure Wowza sales will be in touch very soon as well.


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    I'll only be using it on my 1 server so that will be fine and the only addon i im thinking of getting is the dvr as that looks cool, with that addon i wont have to do any changes to jw player will i?

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    I believe JW Player supports nDVR functionality in the Enterprise edition.

    Take a look at their information here:
    JW Player: DVR Live Streaming

    Another option would be FlowPlayer


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    Ok im taking a look at the trial for a minute, if i do decide to get the full version is it ok to just buy the $55 version and then add the new license key to the trial edition and keep all the current settings i have or do i have to uninstall everything?

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    You can update the [install-dir]/conf/Server.license file and replace the trial license number with the newly acquired Month subscription license number. Then restart Wowza.


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    Quote Originally Posted by salvadore View Post
    You can update the [install-dir]/conf/Server.license file and replace the trial license number with the newly acquired Month subscription license number. Then restart Wowza.

    Sold! Ill buy it today, This dvr thing looks really good as well

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    Awesome! Thanks for the update and we will be here to help you when ever you needs us.


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    Ok so i went to buy the monthly subscription but when i went to pay with my paypal account this is what i get "Failed to create Subscription. Transaction declined.12 - Declined: 10417-Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from the customers PayPal wallet. The transaction did not complete with the customers selected payment method, So whats going on, My paypal account is verified with a credit card, debit card and bank account all verified so it must be your end as i contacted paypal and they said my account is in perfect working order, You need to sort this as i want to buy asap if this cant be rectified ill have to go elsewhere

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    Ive just gone into my paypal account and the subscription has already been made subscription on my paypal account see here: so again why would it say failed to create a subscription when already has done so?

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